Before you start
We make every effort to deliver a top quality product in perfect condition by applying strict quality control procedures. Before installing, lay out your Walltastic product to ensure that you are happy with the print and colour match and that it fits together correctly. Please note that all joining edges of the mural are printed with an approximate 6mm overlap. If any defects are found, please contact your supplier immediately. We do not offer exchanges or refunds once you have applied any part of your product. Walltastic takes no responsibility for any damage caused to your product after it has been delivered or during assembly.

WARNING: This product is not a toy and should only be assembled by an adult. We recommend to apply this product above toddler height and do not apply around a child’s cot/bed.
Installing your mural
Only apply to a smooth, clean, dry and dust free surface to ensure full adhesion. Wait at least 3-4 weeks before applying to a freshly painted wall. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the order of panel installation. Since the placement of the first panel determines the overall look of the finished mural take extra time and care to place it accurately. To mark the position of the first panel, draw vertical and horizontal lines on the wall using a pencil, a level and a plumb line.

1. Select panel number 1 (refer to image on packaging)
2. Important: Carefully roll the panel in the opposite direction to reduce the panel’s tendency to curl. This will help when hanging the panels on the wall.
3. Lay panel face down on a flat surface and apply double sided tape as close as possible to all 4 edges of the panel (see diagram 1 in this instruction leaflet). Stick the tape down and
slowly pull out approximately 6 inches of tape at a time whilst keeping the panel flat.
4. Apply three 18cm horizontal strips of double sided tape evenly spaced across the panel (see diagram 2 in this instruction leaflet).
5. Peel backing paper away from the double sided tape and place the panel to the wall. It is very important to take care not to allow the panel to stick together once tape has been applied, as
this can cause damage to the panel.
6. Smooth out working from top to bottom and from left to right and press down firmly to ensure the double sided tape is full adhered to the wall.
7. Apply double sided tape to panel 2 as described in steps 3 and 4.
8. Place panel 2 onto the wall. Following the printed guidelines on each panel overlap all joining edges by approximately 6mm (see diagram 3 in this instruction leaflet). When applying the
panel, gently tack to the joining edges until you are sure it lines up correctly. By gently tacking, this will allow you to pull back the panel very slowly to reposition without tearing.
Once in the correct position, smooth out and press down firmly.
9. Repeat the steps above with the remaining panels, ensuring the slight overlap on joining edges.

Installing your 3D Elements
Now your background scene has been applied, you are ready to let the 3D fun begin. We recommend that you start with the centre pieces first and work outwards. Refer to the image on the packaging as a guidance of the layout of your overall product, but feel free to be unique and creative. Work on one piece at a time building away from the wall. Note: The relevant block number for each 3D element is printed on the sheets alongside each cut out. The number printed in RED relates to the block number that should be used. The number printed in BLACK refers to the quantity to be used on each 3D piece.

1. Select your first piece and remove from the sheet.
2. Select the correct number of tabs from the sheet, referring to the tab numbers printed on the sheets alongside each cut out. Remove the relevant tabs.
3. Apply tape to the guidelines on each tab.
4. Fold tabs along the crease lines to create a block. Note: at this stage, only remove the backing from the tape on the required section to be able to create the block.
5. Lay 3D element face down on a flat surface. Peel backing from the tape on one side of the block and distribute the relevant blocks evenly to the 3D element in a horizontal position (refer
to the visuals on the packaging)
6. Before removing the backing from the remaining tape, check the positioning on the wall. Once happy with the position, remove the backing and apply. Press down firmly to ensure the tape is
fully adhered.
7. Repeat steps for all remaining elements, working on one piece at a time. Note: some pieces will need to be applied on top of others.