Tips For a Cool Kids Room Part 2

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6. Add a splash of colour with lighting, rugs, bedding and cushions.

There are loads of gorgeous home products for kids out there. Search around and find a shop or shops you like.

7. There isn’t a boring rule!

If you’re decorating a nursery for a new addition to the family, baby blue and pink have been traditional choices but brighter, bolder accessories are funkier and more fashionable.

There’s no real reason to stick with pastels – your baby won’t literally lie awake at night just because their nursery has some vivid colours.

8. Children love bunk beds!

They’re really practical too, packing in desks, storage and even seating all in the space of a single bed.

9. Encourage frames, if you can.

Avoid things being bluetacked to the walls. Of course older children will want to choose what goes on their walls but compromise by encouraging posters to be displayed in frames.

10. If your children share a room, create a little bit of their own territory for each of them.