Decorating Your Child’s Bedroom on a Budget

Planes Bedroom Scene A3

Kids’ tastes change, and frequently. We’ve all heard of children (if not had one of our own) who change their clothes several times a day depending on their mood at the time. Some kids would change their rooms just as often if they were permitted.

Unfortunately, redecorating a kid’s room from the ground up can be expensive. Here are a few tips for keeping the costs within reason, but still giving your child the change of scenery he or she craves:

Use existing furniture as much as possible.
Replacing the bed, dresser, play furniture and so on is the most expensive part of redecorating. Instead, try to re-use as much as possible. If the current furnishings don’t fit the new theme, they can be repainted. If you are buying one or two new pieces of furniture, such as a new bed or a desk, you can always refinish or repaint the rest of the furniture to match.

Discover the many possibilities of paint!
Nothing transforms a room quite like painting the walls. Match the paint to the new theme and get your child’s help – you can give him a paint roller or a paintbrush and let him be responsible for the lower sections. Stencils, Murals and sponges are also great ways to add a personal touch.

Buy furniture that will last.
If you do buy new furniture, try to buy things that can easily go with any theme – for the next time your child wants to redo his room. Also, choose high-quality furniture that will take years of rough use. If you’re buying online, you can generally find reviews that will tell you how well made the furniture is.

Shop around for the best prices.
If you have to buy new furniture and other items, be sure to shop around to find what you need within your budget. Discount stores and online retailers should offer fairly competitive prices.

Save money on used items.

Don’t forget the value of buying used items, you can often find good deals on used items on websites such as eBay and Etsy.

Redecorating your child’s room doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank. There are plenty of ways to save money and still come up with a completely awesome room makeover! Find ways to cut corners where you can, such as by placing a large wall mural and shopping around to get the best prices. Try not to skimp on quality. Long-lasting furniture also means furniture that retains its value, enabling you to reuse it for many years, or even to resell it when your kids grow out of it.